Program Description

STEM Gateway Activities are designed to help new STEM students transition successfully into the academic disciplines.  These activities include: EASE Workshops. This initiative is based on students achieving the learning outcomes posted here.


Activities and Workshops
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The Essential Academic Skills Enhancement (EASE) workshop series 
This series of workshops aims to provide undergraduate students with support in basic skills required for success in all STEM courses.  Topics covered include; Basic Excel, Advanced Excel with Statistics, Interpreting Peer Reviewed Literature, and Scientific Writing. 


AEON - Achievement, Exploration, Opportunity, and Networking Lunchtime Workshop Series
S-cubed - Students for STEM Success Student Group


STEM at UNM (Presentation)
               American Indian Student Services Bridge Program - June 2015
               African American Student Services Bridge Program - July 2015

Impostor Syndrome - Learning that you DO belong in STEM (Presentation)
               Peer Learning Facilitators - February 14th 2014; 3-4 pm
               CAPS - Zimmerman rm 345 - March 10th 2014; 10-11 am
               American Indian Student Services - March 13th 2014; 4-5 pm
               CEP Peer Mentor Tutors - March 26th 2014; 8-9 am
               Women's Resource Center - April 1st 2014; 12-1 pm
               MARC Students - April  14th 2014; 5-6 pm
               ROP/McNair 2014 Cohort - June 5th 2014, 9-10am
               MARC Students - July 14th 2014; 8-9 am
               Sandia National Labs Post-docs - January 2015
               ROP/McNair 2015 Cohort - June 2015
               MARC Students - July 2nd 2015; 4-5 pm

Library Research – Strategies for STEM Students
              Centennial Library; March 4th; 1-2 pm & March 25th; 2-3 pm; April 8th; 2-3 pm

UNM Women in STEM Meet & Greet Mixer - Talk and Laugh about the experience of being a woman in a science field!
               Women’s Resource Center; March 27th 4-5 pm
               Women's Resource Center; April 17th 11-12 pm

Travel Scholarship Workshop - Learn how to find and apply for travel scholarships to conferences
                Zimmerman Room 345; April 10th 4-5 pm

Mock Finals - Simulate testing conditions with immediate feedback!
               SATURDAY May 3rd, 2014; 8 am -12 pm; Dane Smith Hall
               SATURDAY November 22nd, 2014; 8 am -12 pm; Dane Smith Hall
               SATURDAY April 25th, 2015; 8 am -12 pm; Dane Smith Hall

Oral Presentation Skills - Elevator speeches and impromptu speaking
              ROP/McNair 2014 Cohort -Dane Smith Hall 224; June 20th 8-10 am & June 27th 8-9 am

Pre-Semester Calculus Prep: click HERE for more information.
               Thursday August 13th, 2015 - 2 sessions available


We are happy to offer our workshops at request! Please see our current workshop descriptions  below (in addition to those listed above, including Calculus Prep and EASE workshops) and fill out THIS form to request a workshop.

Impostor Syndrome – Learning that you DO belong in STEM

STEM degree pathways are challenging, and often result in students’ questioning their abilities to succeed in their chosen STEM path. This workshop breaks down the silence around questioning your own abilities, intelligence, or place in STEM.  This workshop provides a forum in which students can meet and interact with fellow STEM majors, move out of the isolation they may feel, and build a community of positive, empowered STEM students.

Critical Thinking – Examining Controversial, “Pop-science” Issues in STEM

This workshop takes current events discussed in mainstream science journals, politics and public forums (e.g., climate change, stem cell research) and investigates students’ preconceptions about topics, and introduces critical thinking in small group discussions of these topics. A low-key, informal, and fun format, this workshop enables students to develop the skills of reading and understanding science articles, allows them to discuss scientific topics with peers, and critically evaluate their thought process in comparison with their peers. Critical thinking is fundamental to developing independent opinions and the ability to fully understand and participate in scientific debate.

Library Research: Strategies for STEM Students

This workshop explores the myriad of library resources available for UNM students. Held in Centennial Science Library, in the heart of the engineering sector of UNM, students are guided in effective use of online and physical library resources and search systems, and are introduced to personnel with STEM field-specific knowledge. Benefits of attending this workshop include more effective research skills, improvement in technical writing, and an increase in knowledge scope that will carry students beyond their classes and into their STEM careers.

Scientific Writing – Effective Communication/Reporting of Scientific Research

This workshop focuses on how laboratory reports are constructed in STEM classes. We will break down the ‘lab report’ into relevant sections and suggest ways that students can best understand, implement, and report their scientific projects in a clear and professional manner. A clearly-written, well-organized and researched laboratory report increases overall learning by students, which translates into better laboratory grades and overall understanding of course objectives and scientific principles.

Current STEM G Activities key Personnel:
  • Dr. YadĂ©eh Sawyer, Program Specialist and S3 Workshop Coordinator
  • S3 Facilitators: Annika King, Doris Zhang, Anna Diaz, and Matt D'Arezzo.
  • EASE: Cara Lea Council Garcia, UNM Biology Lab Coordinator
  • AEON partners and collaborators (click here for more information)
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