Monday, August 11, 2014

Course Redesign Cohort 3 Teams Selected

STEM Gateway and members from the Course Redesign Advisory Council have selected three teams to redesign their course to improve student success at UNM.  The new cohort will be hard at work between May 2014 and August 2015.

Math 116- Pre-calculus and Trigonometry
The Math 116 course is a unique redesign that combines two three credit math courses (Math 123- Trigonometry and Math 150- Pre-Calculus) into a single 4 credit course thus speeding students time to comlete their degree.

Biology 204- Plant Form and Function Lecture and Biology 202L- Introductory Genetics 
Redesigning two biology courses has provided a special opportunity for team members to work across teams to not only improve the course that they are redesigning but to also look at the alignment of the curriculum throughout the program.  The redesign may entail moving the course into UNM’s active and collaborative teaching and learning spaces, the Learning Studios.

Final redesign proposals will be posted at the STEM Gateway website in mid-August. Congratulations and best wishes to the 2014-2015 Course Redesign Cohort!